Friday, December 27, 2013


Where you used to be, there are shadows.  Of the person that I knew.  Of the man that I fell in love with. Where you used to be, there is silence.  And I miss hearing the inflections in your voice as you talk to me.  Perhaps I imagined it all? perhaps the reason why I expect too much is because I saw too much...want too much? From you.  But I am bleeding dry now.  From inside out. I am losing the feelings either you or I have built in our time. I've been trying to tell you. I think I've been shouting out my pain.  But you don't listen, are not listening.  And you look at me like I have slowly lost my mind. When did you stop looking at me like you used to?  When did I notice the change? Or perhaps this was all it had ever been and I just saw too much, expected too much, wanted too much.

I am bleeding dry now.
And running so close to empty.
And I can hear your answers in your silence.

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