Friday, September 30, 2011

Stolen Shots

You see a glimpse of a life, and you realize that you were once a part of it. You were there, with those people, smiling, laughing, feeling totally out of place, and yet now that you look back, you realize, you were the only one who thought you didn't belong. You see those people, and you look at how their faces and bodies have changed, how time has either been kind or unkind, and yet somehow, you can't help feeling the past that you were once a part of. You are no longer a part of their world. They have gone on and moved on and left memories of you so far behind that it may be a wonder if they still remember you. The kids have grown up and you hardly recognize them anymore. They used to like you, maybe even love you at a time. Now, they don't know you as well. But then again, you wonder, what if..what if you had never left, would you be a part of them now?