Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Small World

You would think that an island stretching 225km from north to south would be big enough for the two of us. But it seems that no matter how long or how wide the space, there is nothing like the space between us. I still hear about you, I still wonder sometimes if you are standing in the same space that I had occupied. People talk and the walls always have eyes and ears. Words find ways to reach me, and any news of you is never welcome, although now swallowed with a grain of understanding and acceptance. It's been so long. One time, while on the road, it came to me just how long it has been. And how truly tragic everything went down. And how different things have gotten. And yet how truly fascinating to still remember and be taken back to that time again and again. It was something, wasn't it? I may not want it anymore, but whatever was there once upon a time was something wonderful. Enough to make me remember it so well. Enough to make me smile sadly at times. Just..enough.